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photo by Vuyo Ngcakani

My grandson, Dakota, is about to turn two years old. The words are coming slowly but surely.

“Hi, Tata.”

No full sentences yet but it won’t be long now. He’s so smart. Genius level actually and I’m not biased at all.

I think a lot about my legacy especially about the impact I will leave on my descendants. I love this quote by Peter Strophe:

Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people.

There’s so much that I want to leave in little Dakota. I know my daughter will do her part as his…

He refuses to fade into the background and why should he

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Photo by Cristina Anne Costello on Unsplash

Tiger Woods has experienced another setback. He suffered serious leg injuries in a car accident yesterday, February 23rd, 2021. (Just in case you’re reading this in 2023 😄).

In a statement released through his Twitter feed at 12:30 a.m. ET Wednesday, Woods was “awake, responsive and recovering” after a lengthy surgical procedure at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Dr. Anish Mahajan, chief medical officer at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, said that Woods suffered comminuted open fractures to the upper and lower sections of his right leg, as well as significant trauma to his right ankle. Doctors needed to insert a rod, screws…

His victims cannot confront him so closure will be more difficult.

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Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash

I was an admirer of Ravi Zacharias. I marveled at his intellect and his ability to use logic to make his point. He was my go-to guy for things apologetic because I liked his style and enjoyed listening to him speak.

So the report that RZIM US commissioned from Miller and Martin PLLC, a law firm with experience in corporate and sex crimes investigations, was disturbing and damaging. You can read the open letter here if you care to.

Ravi will not be the last Christian leader who will be found to be wanting. The reason we need a Saviour…

Success comes from being inclusive and working together

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, made a speech at the 2018 Nelson Mandela annual lecture — he said that Mandela “understood the ties that bind the human spirit.”

“There is a word in South Africa — Ubuntu — that describes his greatest gift: his recognition that we are all bound together in ways that can be invisible to the eye; that there is a oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others and caring for those around us,” Obama said.

President Obama conceptualized Ubuntu very well.

I spent the early years…

Studying the Bible

Sometimes the English translation doesn’t cut it

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

According to, although it is impossible to obtain exact figures, there is little doubt that the Bible is the world’s best-selling and most widely distributed book. A survey by the Bible Society concluded that around 2.5 billion copies were printed between 1815 and 1975, but more recent estimates put the number at more than 5 billion.

Writer James Chapman created a list of the most read books in the world based on the number of copies each book sold over the last 50 years. He found that the Bible far outsold any other book, with a whopping 3.9 billion…

The courtship of my wife

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owned by Vuyo Ngcakani

The day we met.

“Would you like to go for coffee with me?”

A simple request. A reasonable question that a man would ask a woman that he was interested in dating. A query I asked Kristen, a woman who would become my wife of 25 years.

We met in August 1994 at a gathering of mutual friends at a local restaurant. I had arrived first and was enjoying a pasta dish when she arrived with a friend of hers. I tell our kids that when I saw her she had a glow around her; she had the face of an angel.

Not quite…

There’s nothing you need to do to make me love you

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Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

“Can you play with me, Daddy?”

Gary had been working on a project for two weeks and in two days he had to present it to his bosses.

“Not now, son. Daddy has to finish this, okay?”


It wasn’t okay for 10-year-old Jace. Covid-19 had him doing his classes online for months now and he missed interacting with his friends. Every day it was classes in the morning, then microwaving the lunch that Mom made the night before, and then afternoon classes.

After that, he was on his own. He wished he had a sibling.

Dad was working from…

There’s so much going on in Black culture

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Image by ekavesh from Pixabay

It’s Black History month so I decided to write a piece on recent Black success stories. A lot of the time when we consider Black achievements, we mention civil rights icons, political firsts, or entertainment giants.

I wanted to write something different so I began my research by typing in ‘first black’ into to see what popped up.

Here they are in order of appearance.

  1. First Black President: Barack Obama
  2. First Black NHL player: Willie O’Ree
  3. First Black Baseball player: Jackie Robinson
  4. First Black Senator: Hiram Rhodes Revels
  5. First Black vice-president: Kamala Harris
  6. First Black woman in space: Mae…

They said they were taking us out of the dark ages

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Photo Credit: The Kruger Kid Flickr via Compfight

What word comes to mind when you think of Africa?

Is it: Heat? Safari? Wildlife?
Or: Gold? Diamonds? Sugarcane?
Maybe it’s: Poverty? Corruption? Backward?

For me it’s Motherland. Or Fatherland, depending on my mood.

I found myself thinking about how I came to live in Canada thirty-six years ago after spending the first eighteen years of my life in Africa, my preteen in Botswana, and my teen years in Kenya. That would be a story for another day. …

Fiction-The fastest nonagenarian minute

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Photo Credit: jamescoleuk Flickr via Compfight cc

Harold inhaled. For the 93-year-old, the breath was deep and satisfying. Then he released it, his chest cavity deflating slowly like a slow leaking balloon.

Harold repeated his breathing exercises several times as he stared down his lane at the purple ribbon 100 metres away. It had been a long time since he had been in this position.

He had always loved the sprints. Any time he had the opportunity to watch the world's best at the 100m, 200m, and 400m races, he would relish it. He especially enjoyed the relay races as well.

Those were the distances he ran…

Vuyo Ngcakani

writer, husband for 25 years, father of 3, grandfather of 1

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