Is It Hypocrisy That A Doctor Smokes

Do all professionals suffer from hypocrisy

Vuyo Ngcakani


Photo by Sajjad Zabihi on Unsplash

My wife and I were driving to church the other day and we spotted a paramedic on break outside his ambulance. My wife commented on the fact that he was smoking and opined on the example he was setting.

“What a hypocrite,” she lamented.

I nodded in agreement then set my thoughts inward on myself wondering if I was a hypocrite in my career.

I am an optician.

Once you see your optometrist, you come to me with your prescription and I set you up with a new pair of glasses and/or contact lenses. I have an interest in ensuring that you get the best vision possible while looking and feeling great in your new glasses.

I instruct you in keeping them scratch-free and the best way to limit returning to me for adjustments. What you would hear from me is:

  • off your face and in the case.
  • don’t put them in your pocket.
  • use a clean, soft cloth and clean them wet if you can.
  • don’t use paper towels
  • don’t put them face down on a surface.

If you get contact lenses, I make sure they fit well and feel comfortable, and I instruct you how to clean…



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