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  • Laurie Livingston Nave

    Laurie Livingston Nave

    The downhill trip is more fun than the uphill. A 50+ year old mother, wife, nerd, musician and writer. Follow me at https:www.laurienaveauthor.com

  • Michelle Teheux

    Michelle Teheux

    Lover of literature. Editor of Minds Without Borders. Former newspaper editor. Fascinated by everything. Available for hire.

  • John Douglas Hoge

    John Douglas Hoge

    Married now for just over 50 years, two successful sons with growing families, born in southern Indiana in 1947, I am retired social studies teacher/educator.

  • Super Mrs. C.

    Super Mrs. C.

    Retired teacher. Humorous essayist, for the most part. Serious about politics and “race.” Aspiring world saver. If we all try, then we’ll succeed.

  • Susie Kearley

    Susie Kearley

    Freelance writer, author, animal lover. Qualified in nutrition, psychology, marketing, MBA. I cover writing, animals, history, travel, health, wellbeing & more.

  • Barbara Radisavljevic

    Barbara Radisavljevic

    Christian, bereaved adoptive mom, blogger, amateur nature photographer, voracious reader. Married 57 years. Central Coast of California. https://barbrad.com

  • Kathy Ayers

    Kathy Ayers

    Loving my neighbor and other spiritual explorations.

  • Bob Jasper

    Bob Jasper

    My Muse is in hiding, but we cross paths from time to time. I think I gave the old guy too much grief. Maybe he quit without notice.

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